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On Religion and Violence by Charles Taylor

The 20th century has been marked in a horrifying way by “categorical violence”-a violence directed against people on the basis of their belonging to a certain group. Categorical violence has three distinguishing features: excessiveness, the discourse of purification and a ritual element. There are two views of the cause of categorical violence which I wish…

Gananath Obeysekere on Ethics, Secularism and Institutions of Governance

The International Centre for Ethnic Studies and the Centre for Poverty Analysis conducted a roundtable discussion on “Ethics, Secularism, and Institutions of Governance” at the ICES Auditorium on November 27, 2013. The participants were: Professor Charles Taylor best known for his contributions to political philosophy, the philosophy of social science, and intellectual history, Professor Rajiv Bhargava Senior Fellow, Director at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies in Delhi, and a noted Indian political theorist, widely recognized for his works on political theory , multiculturalism, identiry politics, and secularism. Prof. Gananath Obeysekere, Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus, Princeton University, responded…

A Lecture by Charles Taylor on Modern Secular Societies in the West, and the Notion of Multiculturalism

The Faculty of Arts University of Peradeniya And The High Commission of Canada Cordially invite you to a Public Lecture on Modern Secular Societies in the West, and the Notion of Multiculturalism Conducted by Eminent Scholar Charles Taylor Professor of Political Science, Philosophy and Law McGill University-Canada Date: Friday, November 29, 2013 Time: 11:00 – 12:00 Venue: Senate Room, University of Peradeniya