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Such fear of change

by Usvatte-aratchi For a people brought up in a culture, the foundation of which lies in the learning that all things change (sabbe sankhara anicca), the fear of change is inexplicable. Sudden and gross change is feared more than gradual change; hence the fear of death, common among most people.  Revolutionary changes in society are…


Sri Lanka’s Economic Depression and the IMF

Farzana Haniffa, Ahilan Kadirgamar The public are facing tremendous suffering from the economic depression currently underway. We hope to initiate a discussion centred on questions such as: How long the depression is likely to last, and what social and political consequences can we anticipate? What are the possible consequences of the economic policies already underway…


There Are No Good Guys in this War!

by Gnamali It is nearly two weeks since the war started in Ukraine, a country ten times the area of Sri Lanka, with twice its population. In many ways, its experience seems to have parallels with the Sri Lankan experience – with the notable exception that Ukraine has 15 nuclear power plants that appear to…